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Daniel Crossland - Owner / Director

Dan Crossland

Well, this is me, Dan. I'm not really the sort of person who wants to be 'out there' on the Internet, but my colleagues tell me that people like to see who they're dealing with.

I don't really like talking about myself either, but I do want to tell you that I've been in the Solar business for more than 10 years now, and I've been associated with, or directly responsible for, many thousands of installations ranging from sub-4kWp domestic systems through to spectacular commercial arrays for some of the largest organisations in the country.

I've formed close relationships with many specialists along the way, and I'd like to highlight here just a couple of really outstanding colleagues who run their own businesses but are always involved in each of my large commercial projects.

I am proud to provide links also to their individual websites so that you can read more about them if you wish.


David Trainavicious - Senior PV Design Consultant Engineer

David Trainavicius

David has consulted for over 100 companies including solar park developers, EPCs, installation companies and solar investors worldwide. His advice on solar energy regulations and investment opportunities in Europe has helped investors to develop projects worth over €500 million.

I first worked with David in 2010, when Solar was really beginning to take off because of the new subsidies. There were many people who were able to use simple software packages to design straightforward PV installations, but very few who could competently use sophisticated software to design complex, large or challenging systems. In my view, David is peerless in this regard.

As well as solar consulting, David is currently involved with the development of solar software PVcase (, a complete solar 3D design package, which is a joint venture with other solar energy companies. It's an interesting project to read about if you have the time.


Paul Osborne - Senior Electrical Design Engineer

Paul Osborned

Paul’s Qintec Electrical Consultancy provides electrical engineering solutions, design, specification, project management, commissioning and technical authoring to industrial and commercial clients throughout the UK.

Paul focusses on always maintaining the optimal balance between initial capital requirements and ongoing operational and maintenance costs, not just in the Solar Industry but across almost every other industry I can think of, inluding Aviation, Rail, Nuclear and Defence. 'Games Software' - there, I've thought of one. As far as I know, Paul hasn't worked with the Games Software Industry.


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