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We have tried to present here the essentials of what you need to know, with no padding, bragging, or fluff.

We use only carefully-vetted and experienced installers and have more than ten years' experience of delivering first-class solar installations.

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Daniel Crossland, Owner

My passion is working with clients from project inception (even if it's only a vague idea at the outset) through to completion, whatever the scale. We will help you to understand how to make the most of your investment in Solar Energy, and show you clearly what to expect. Get in touch and I'll personally try to help you.

About Us

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Photon Project Management is based near Swansea but we use a distributed network of professional energy assessors, advisers and installers across the whole of England and Wales. You'll find us approachable and responsive, even in a world that has been changed by the ravages of Covid-19. When you phone us, you will not be placed on hold with a message explaining that "we are experiencing large call volumes ...". Yes, we hate that as much as you do, so we staff our phone lines accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding trustworthy suppliers is difficult in any industry, and the Renewables revolution has certainly attracted its share of cowboys. Reassuringly, those of us who painstakingly choose the right people to support our company growth are rewarded with stacks of good, independent reviews and are happy to show you examples of our work. We have also been chosen as a primary contractor by one of the largest construction companies in the UK, and have project-managed all of their large commercial projects since 2015.
The feed in tariff (FiT) was an incentive provided by the Government to stimulate the take-up of solar power over the last decade or so. It has tapered down in synchronicity with the reduction in cost of solar panels, and ceased entirely for new entrants in early 2019. However, it is still possible to make considerable amounts of money by installing solar systems, which might typically payback in under 10 years.
An agreement with an energy company that they will buy electricity from you for a specific period of time, at an agreed rate. This Power Purchase Agreement is an important document and, although standard in the way it is laid out, must be carefully negotiated in order to obtain a fair rate per unit of energy.
Once your specific project characteristics have been properly assessed, in terms of projected energy use and size of system you're able to accommodate, then the financial returns become mathematically predictable with far more confidence than most other types of investment.
Ah, I'm glad you noticed. We wanted to provide you with just the detail that you need, not lots of other information that you can easiy research with Google or by looking on the websites of the 'household name' solar companies. We could never compete with these companies in terms of their search rankings and we're not trying to do so. But we CAN compete in terms of the quality of our installations and the cost-effectiveness of our PPA solutions with our chosen funding through large Financing Companies.
We have installed many thousands of solar PV systems across England and Wales, constructing a network of trusted installers to work on our behalf. It would be infeasible to highlight these individually, and we maintain a lean and efficient management structure at our Head Office so that we can keep our overheads (and therefore our prices) as low as possible. We merely highlight a couple of the specialists in the About Us page, because they it saves time speaking about them on the phone!

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