Penderi POBL Scheme

  • Staff Writer
  • 06/02/2024

The Penderi POBL Community Scheme

Over the latter half of 2022 and throughout 2023, Photon Project Management installed more than 600 systems of PV panels linked to battery storage with sophisticated energy monitoring.

The systems were implemented for our Main Contractor, Everwarm, on behalf of the forward-thinking Pobl Group. At the time, this was the UK's largest renewable energy project and it has since set the benchmark for similar schemes around the country. Funding was provided partly by the Welsh Government in support of their drive to eliminate fuel poverty across Wales, consistent with their desire to meet country's ambitious Net Zero targets. Additional funding was obtained from the European Union.

This flagship energy-saving scheme made use of some of the most advanced Solar PV panels from various manufacturers, with Sonnen hybrid inverter & battery systems. The linked SERO smart energy devices were included to provide smart energy monitoring of the project.

It is estimated that the scheme will lead to reductions in carbon output by as much as 350 tonnes each year.

Here at Photon Project Management, we were able to employ a further two apprentices to support the development of a growing ‘green' workforce in Wales and were delighted also to offer work experience to a young student just embarking on an Electrical Engineering course.

The scheme was enthusiastically welcomed by the Penderi community, and participants can look forward to significantly reduced electricity bills over the operating lifetime of the systems we have installed.