The Optimised Retrofit Program

  • Staff Writer
  • 22/06/2023

The Optimised Retrofit Programme (ORP) has arrived, and it's already revolutionising the energy landscape of Wales. This forward-thinking initiative forms a crucial part of the Welsh Government's ambitious green energy strategy, providing a roadmap for retrofitting homes with the latest in sustainable technology solutions.

The programme's primary objective is to improve the energy efficiency of Welsh homes, ultimately reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making a significant contribution to the nation's climate change targets.

Photon Project Management is excited to be part of this sustainable energy revolution. By working closely with SERO, we're helping Welsh homeowners unlock the benefits of the ORP through solar PV, energy storage, and intelligent heating controls.

Solar PV and the Optimised Retrofit Programme

Solar PV plays a crucial role in the ORP. By installing solar panels, homeowners can harness the power of the sun to generate clean, renewable electricity for their homes. This not only helps to reduce reliance on fossil fuels but also lowers energy bills and provides a more sustainable way of living.

Photon Project Management provides a comprehensive solar panel installation service, expertly tailoring each system to the specific needs of the home and its occupants. By optimising solar PV installations, we ensure each home can generate as much solar power as possible, maximising the benefits.

Energy Storage and the Role of SERO

Energy storage is a vital component of the ORP. By storing excess solar power, homeowners can use it when they need it most, such as during peak times or power outages. This optimises the use of solar power and provides a reliable, sustainable energy supply.

SERO is instrumental in the roll-out of the ORP. As an experienced energy service company, SERO offers expertise in energy monitoring, management, and the installation of energy storage systems. By collaborating with SERO, we can provide our clients with an integrated energy solution that maximises the benefits of solar power and energy storage.

Intelligent Heating Controls

Heating controls are another important element of the ORP. By implementing intelligent heating controls, homeowners can manage their heating more effectively, reducing energy waste and enhancing comfort.

Photon Project Management, in partnership with SERO, provides advanced heating control systems that allow homeowners to adjust their heating settings to suit their individual needs. This increases the overall energy efficiency of the home and contributes to a lower carbon footprint.

A Bright Future for Welsh Energy

The Optimised Retrofit Programme represents a new era for energy in Wales. By combining solar PV, energy storage, and intelligent heating controls, we can help Welsh homeowners create a sustainable, efficient, and comfortable living environment.

Photon Project Management is proud to support the Welsh Government's green energy strategy. We're committed to helping our clients make the most of the opportunities offered by the ORP and look forward to contributing to a greener, more sustainable Wales.