Why Should I Read This?

  • Staff Writer
  • 08/01/2024

We're ten days into the New Year, and Dry January proved to be a very short month. It's time for a new Resolution, and I've decided to launch a mini-crusade against the anodyne and mundane. I was on the point of declaring a war against clich├ęs, but then realised I'd already have lost. You might wonder why I want to do this, so I'll confess that it's part of my plan to encourage you to read forthcoming articles about Photon Project Management right to the end even if only to try to catch me out.

But hardly anyone reads anything to the very end, so I know you'll need some content that reaches beyond simply telling you about recent installations of Solar PV and Battery systems for domestic and commercial clients right across the country. You almost certainly see too many of those. But, if you're still not satiated, may I recommend following our account on LinkedIn, which is about to have a pacemaker fitted.

In this first post of 2024 I want to leave an impression of Photon Project Management that will seed something in your mind. Forthcoming posts will aim to provide nourishment to that seed, so that - when you're looking for a progressive Welsh company in the Solar Industry with aspirations to match your own - your subconscious will nudge our name up to the front of your shortlist.

I remember, from way before Social Media or even the Internet itself, one of my acquaintances included a full A4-sized colour image of a Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pig in a job application. He believed that it would be impossible to ignore his approach, guaranteeing at least some discussion of his merits among the recruiters.

I'd like to say this ruse worked, but it didn't. At least not in the way he intended. He failed to elicit a response of any kind from the firm, but that spectacular image has remained somewhere in my own mind for more than forty years.

I'm not going to share the image with you now, only because I cannot find it online, and choosing one of the many alternatives would just feel like cheating. Instead, I'm going to share another image that has remained fixed in my own mind in just the same way, but for different reasons.

Superficially, this image appears just one of countless similar images of Solar PV installations being carried out in Wales. But I want to encourage you to dwell on it for a few moments. It says something about a particular installation team and the company, our company, that employs them.

First, the guy behind the camera wanted to express some creativity, which means he felt sufficiently enthusiastic about his employer to try to produce something out of the ordinary, to reach a little beyond his obligations. Secondly, the image incidentally captures the smile on the face of the Engineer - a smile that isn't staged for the camera, it's just a smile from a person who is at ease in his work. The image shows a camaraderie that is, we know from experience, rather rare.

This is who we are. It's how we work. It's how we want you to think of us.

I'm going to speak further about our approach in my next post, which will quite possibly make reference to a grassy knoll. Actually, the grassy knoll.