Planting Seeds

  • Staff Writer
  • 31/01/2024

Planting Seeds

As January - the month allegedly containing the most depressing day of the year - ends, I would really like us to push aside the distractions of current geopolitical manoeuvring, if such a thing is possible. Instead, I'd like to suggest that we lurch into February in an energetic, optimistic and collaborative spirit. And by 'us' I mean Photon Project Management and you, the person reading these words right now.

So, with appropriate humility, I would like to keep my promise to those of you who have read my last blog post.

The Grassy Knoll. I would guess that most people over the age of 40, on hearing the expression, would effortlessly bring to mind the most likely grassy knoll to which I might have been alluding. In spite of the natural occurrence of grassy knolls in great abundance around the world, there is actually only one grassy knoll you're likely to recall. And, if you're under 40 and of an inquisitive disposition, there's only one grassy knoll that's going to dominate your internet search results.

If I had started to write about book depositories instead, your mind would likely have had no priming with which to narrow down which of many thousands I might be wishing to discuss. But, now I've seeded your mind with that grassy knoll, a large proportion of you will be able to picture in your minds a particular book depository in a particular American city, even though the events that gave rise to such infamy occurred almost exactly sixty years ago.

Some trigger-words lead inexorably to other words, images, locations, or memories. My aim, over the coming weeks and months is to seed in your minds an almost automatic link between the abstract concept of a National Solar PV Installation company and the actual people that collectively constitute what Photon Project Management represents within our industry.

Whether you're a decision-maker who owns a home, or who works in a large commercial enterprise or local authority, you'll find some interesting options open up if you speak with us.

But, while it's been proven that seeding works (even when you know it's being done), I am also conscious that the part of your brain in which a seed takes root will resent and ultimately reject its presence unless there is value in retaining the association - in this case between Solar PV Installation and Photon Project Management.

Putting this another way, we know that we need to earn our place in your memory. In an attempt to do this, we will be uploading occasional posts that describe more about the way we work. There's a story behind every job, and we hope you'll enjoy reading the stories that we think are worth sharing.